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Happy New Year


So 2012 it is then! New year, new start. I say this every year but this year is going to be different (well fingers-crossed anyway). I haven’t really made any new years resolutions, I feel I just break them if I make them. But basically I just want to have fun this year and not take life too seriously, explore the world a bit then settle down with a new job, find a man and be happy! Haha easier said than done but watch this space!…

2012 will be the year of change for me, maybe I’ll do things that are out of my comfort zone to give me a challenge and help me prove to myself I can do it, maybe I’ll change certain characteristics about myself (not a re-invention but just changing my behaviours slightly) or to be honest maybe I won’t even change at all. Whatever happens I’m going to try and stay positive this year, even when faced with set-backs on the way. I think you’ve just got to soldier on through when obstacles come your way, things always turn out ok in the end, it just takes time for everything to fit together.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone, hope 2012 brings you happiness! 🙂