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So it’s coming to that time of year again…#Halloween/All Hallows’ Eve/ the night random kids come knocking on your door demanding sweets while dressed as ghouls etc…whatever you want to call it!

Anyway, once again I was stuck for ideas on what I could dress as for my Halloween night out. I trawled through different options on various fancy dress websites (as I do every year) in the hope I’ll find something different and maybe slightly more original. Yet, after all this, I came up with dressing as a generic witchy type! I’ll be wearing a lacy black dress, painted spiders and cobwebs on my face and some cobweb & spider stockings I bought specifically for the night and possibly black gloves (although they do make texting on the iPhone impossible)!  Boring choice I know, but very easy to do and cheap as well!

I think I’ve always gone for the usual options: last year I was Catwoman, the year before that I went as a devil and the year before that- a cat (in a tutu nonetheless!)…For me Halloween was never a big thing as a child, all we’d do as a family would be to carve a scary-looking pumpkin and stock up on sweets to give to children in the neighbourhood should they come a-knocking. I always found this a little odd as I was never allowed to go trick or treating as a child- I don’t think my parents liked the idea of it….which leads me to think it was strange that we’d spend money providing sweets for an event we didn’t take part in, when to me the simplest answer would’ve been just to not open the door! But maybe that’s a little harsh.

I guess I wasn’t too interested in Halloween as a child anyway, although thinking about it now I’m surprised I didn’t kick up a fuss- these other kids were getting free sweets in return for dressing up. Free sweets! Now seriously- what could be better than that?!

This brings me onto Halloween now I’m older (21) Since I’ve been to uni, I’ve seen Halloween (and general dressing up) in a different light and in conclusion, I’ve discovered that it doesn’t really matter what you wear, Halloween is just an excuse to dress a bit slutty (oh come on, you know it is girls!), get drunk and have a bloody good time!

And with that I leave you with a picture of the stockings I’ve purchased!