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How I spent my Sunday…


I’ve decided to write a post each Sunday to talk about what I got up to 🙂

So here are the main things I did today:

1) painted and decorated my nails with nail varnish and nail art pen from Topshop, and realised I don’t have the steadiest hand and am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting for nail varnish to dry!

Here’s the result ( I went for simple spots with a stripe feature on the thumb nail):

IMG_1574 IMG_1575

2) Enjoyed the sun in the garden and walked one of the kittens on a lead!


3) Groomed the big cat, who now has a very shiny coat

4) Got my finger massacred by the kitten (after I’d done my nails) Thought I’d spare the gore and add a black and white picture! Unfortunately because of this close up you can also see how inaccurate my spots were!…


5) Watched The Voice UK. There are some great singers, especially Ruth and Jaz.

The Voice UK

6) Wrote this

I hope my next few Sundays are a bit more interesting.

Wait for the next instalment!



I feel the need to broadcast that there will be a new member of my family in a couple of months in the form of a lovely girl kitten! We have just reserved her- she’s only 2 weeks old at the moment so won’t be meeting her until January- cannot wait!

We’ve been looking for a new kitten for a couple of months now as our 12 year old cat has become very lonely since her sister (rest in peace) sadly had to be put to sleep in the summer. So we’ve been trying to find a companion for her, which hasn’t been particularly easy as we wanted a cat of the same breed and many of the breeders were located up North, and as much as we’d like a kitten I’m not sure flying up to Scotland would have been ideal!

Our cat may be 12 years old but she’s still very lively and playful so a little kitten is sure to keep her amused -and I’m sure it’ll quickly find out who’s boss!

Now all that we need to decide on is a name……Any ideas??!