The Festive Season!


CHRISTMAS……I can’t believe it’s almost that time of year again, where does the time go?!

I’m not feeling particularly festive yet though and if anything I’m feeling like a bit of a scrooge! I think it’s my job that’s caused this- the Christmas playlist is doing my head in! I don’t mind Christmas songs in short doses and I love Michael Buble but everytime I hear him singing Let it Snow I want to strangle him! And the gift wrapping- I often wish we didn’t offer a free gift wrapping service to our customers, I’m getting bored of estimating the correct amount of wrapping paper and ribbon to use!! And if another customer asks me to take the price off a product before wrapping, which I always do anyway,I will tell them they can do their own wrapping! Haha. But the good thing about this is that I’ll be able to impress my family with my superb new wrapping skills and fancy bows!

Ha rant over, honestly I like the festive season and in terms of work I like it when people come to the shop and really appreciate the service we give and are impressed with the wrapping (particularly the men, who say they could never do it as well as us). 

I also love getting together with family friends, I actually enjoy Christmas shopping and the joy presents bring, I also like to come home and be greeted by the twinkly lights of the tree and smell of pine needles. Most of all, though, I love Christmas dinner (but not the weight I put on after it!)

I’m heading to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland tomorrow in London so I’m hoping this will definitely get me in the Chirstmas spirit! Have a look at it here:

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